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HR Raju

Hello there! I’m Harunur Rashid Raju, a passionate digital marketing consultant, SEO expert, and brand strategist, dedicated to helping businesses in Bangladesh and the USA thrive in the digital landscape. With a wealth of practical experience and a deep-rooted passion for my work, I have had the privilege of collaborating with over 14 national and international brands.

Need to build a marketing team? Or a marketing department? Conversion optimization? Lead generation? Sales? I have the answers, the tips and tricks, and the mistakes, prepared for you.​

Let’s collaborate and leverage my expertise to transform your digital presence. Whether you’re based in Bangladesh or the USA, I am here to optimize your online journey and help your brand achieve remarkable success. Get in touch, and let’s embark on this exciting digital adventure together!

Process Of Working With Me

The steps that I take to start bringing the desired outcomes are very crucial and I believe this is where it gets me the most success.

SEO Expert in Bangladesh, USA

My expertise lies in search engine optimization, where I craft tailor-made strategies that ensure high-ranking visibility for your business. Through my practical experience, I've honed my skills, delivering top-notch SEO solutions that drive organic traffic and boost online presence.

Digital Marketing Mastery

As a seasoned digital marketing expert, I specialize in creating impactful Google Ads campaigns and executing strategic social media marketing initiatives. My approach is rooted in practical knowledge, allowing me to design online campaigns that resonate with audiences and deliver tangible results.

Brand and Marketing Consultant:

Guiding businesses through the complexities of brand and marketing strategies is my forte. With a proven track record in both national and international markets, I offer insights that empower brands to connect authentically with their target audience, fostering long-lasting relationships.

Content Strategist and Blogger

Writing isn't just a skill; it's my passion. I am a content marketer and strategist known for crafting engaging blog posts and compelling content that captivates readers. Through strategic storytelling, I enhance brand credibility and drive organic traffic to websites.

Growth and Social Media Marketer

My dedication to fostering brand growth is evident in the dynamic social media campaigns I create. I've had the privilege of working with esteemed national and international brands, designing campaigns that enhance brand visibility, engagement, and customer loyalty.

wards and Recognition

I am honored to have been recognized as the best digital marketing consultant and Facebook marketer. These accolades underscore my commitment to innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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