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Get More Customers For Your Startup Or Small Business.​

I sit with you once a week for an hour that will help you build a solid marketing plan and execute it to bring you more customers.

Monthly Retainer | Weekly 1 Hour Meetings

5 hours monthly | Founder Friendly

Hire A CMO With A Fraction Of A Cost.

Your small business or startup will die without clients. Do you need any more reason? Listen to what one of my small business client had to say about us working together with this startup marketing consultation.

Hour Weekly
Company Friendly

Founder Friendly Mentorship & Guidance On Marketing

One to one meeting will give you access to ask any questions as a marketing expert. The deeper the questions the better I can help.

Strategy Planning

No idea where to start marketing? You will get step by step plan on how to reach out to your customers and gain their trust.

Data Driven Marketing

Convert more prospects into leads and leads into customers. A small change in this can bring a big result.

An Enterprise Level CMO

Can’t afford a CMO? Now you can. That too whenever you want. Let’s dive deep into your problems, and together, we fix them.

Are You A Founder?
But Marketing Is NOT One Of Your Strengths.

Here Is How To Successfully Generate Leads With These Weekly Meetings

I build the strategy with you and help your team to execute it on our weekly meetings.
Here is the step by step recipe.

Step 1

Order Your Consultation

1st thing 1st. Fill out the form below to book a time that works for you. 

Step 2

Payment & Booking Confirmation

I’ll send payment instructions via email. When payment is received, book a slot on my calendar.

Step 3

Collecting Your Information

The more precise information you give, the deeper we can go into your problems.

100% Money-Back Guarantee​

If within the 2nd week, it appears that we are not fit for each other, I will return the full amount deposited. No questions asked. Why take the money if I can’t help you.

*Only three 10-hour monthly slots.

One Thing ALL My Previous Mid-Size Clients Told Me

Accountability is one thing we did not expect but helped us the most.”

You Are Fire-Fighters.

Your people are not listening to you, your product supplier is not coming on time or your co-founder just left the company. You will always be fire fighting. So, let’s bring some accountability and start seeing results.

How Many Leads Last Week?

One question we always keep asking. Because you know we are meeting every week, I promise you will make an effort to bring in new clients. Let Me Be the adult in the room.

Do You Know What NOT To Do?

It’s important to know what not to do so that you don’t waste tons of money and 6 months to figure out what you needed to avoid. I can show the right path given I have previous experience marketing startups.

No Fake Promises. Only Expert Marketing Advising & Mentorship Included.

What Is Must To Make This Work:
What You Will Not Get:

Unfair Advantages

I had my own company for 3 years. So I know the pain of a founder. In the end, you want more customers. Tell me I m wrong.

Meet Your Digital Consultant - Najm

I believe small businesses should thrive as much as the large businesses. You just need to do it different by marketing hacks.

By using your own resources as much as possible & by taking advantage of the free and less expensive tools provided by large enterprises.

I m an Ex-CMO & Ex-CEO turned into a consultant with more than 12+ years of experience. Get in touch today!

I even had my own startup for 3 years (Ennovision LLC & LTD), which gives me the advantage of thinking like a founder.

What My Clients Have To Say About Their Startup Marketing Meetings

"Our inbound leads since his joining have increased by 8 times! Also, our website traffic has increased by 300%."
Syed Mamnun Quader
Founder, Southtech Group
"Najm made my marketing team. He built us an ecosystem and that ecosystem never stopped generating leads."
- Raisul Kabir
Founder & CEO, Brainstation23
"I call him 'The Complete Package'. From pitching to product development, even in critical business decisions, Najm made both Sheba and me a better workforce."
- Adnan Imtiaz Halim
Founder & CEO, Sheba.Xyz

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