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Digital Marketing Strategy For 2022

I will audit your existing marketing activities of2021, research competitors, and help you build a year-long strategy that is realistic and achievable.

Build Strategy, Generate Leads & Convert More Clients.​

Most founders know digital marketing. But they don’t know where to start. Where do you start? You start here today by working with me to understand what you need to do each week to achieve your quarterly and yearly sales goals.

He Gives Precise & Honest Feedback. What I Loved Most About Him Is How Much Ownership He Takes About Your Business.

Shubho Al-Farooque
Founder, Zantrik

4 Things You’ll Receive At This Marketing Strategy Consultation.

Let me help you increase your leads. Double, triple, or even 10X your revenue.

1. An Audit On Your 2021 Marketing Activities

I will tell you what’s going wrong so that you can fix the mistakes & will also tell you what things are going right so that you can keep working on them.

2. Suggestions On Where You Need Work

Fix these, and you will solve 60% of your problems. These problems are different from business to business. They depend on founds, industries & target clients.

3. All Critical Marketing Questions Answered

One-to-one meetings will give you access to ask any questions. The deeper the questions, the better I can help build your digital marketing department for your company.

Most Importantly

4. Get A Bulletproof
Digital Marketing Strategy For 2022

Address Specific Long-Term Marketing & Lead Generation Goals

These are more painful advice as they sound easy at 1st. But you need to do these every day and every week. They will solve the other 40% of your other problems. Do this and bring more sustainable revenue growth. .

By The Way, Is This You?

A Founder But Not A Great Marketer (Yet)

Your colleagues never told you the bad decisions you are making in marketing. It’s not their fault. It’s because they get paid by you. They always call you Bhaia or Apu or Sir or Madam & tell you how nice you are

“No Offence.”

But deep down, you know you lack knowledge of certain things. If that’s “getting more customers”, then you are at the right place. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee​

If, within the 2nd week, it appears that we are not fit for each other, I will return the full amount deposited. No questions asked. Why take the money if I can’t help you.

Here Is How You Can Book For Consulting & Start Growing Revenue.

Step 1

Order Your Consultation

1st thing 1st. Fill out the form below to book a time that works for you. 

Step 2

Payment & Booking Confirmation

I’ll send payment instructions via email. When payment is received, book a slot on my calendar.

Step 3

Collecting Your Information

The more precise information you give, the deeper we can go into your problems.

Step 4

My Audit, Research & Analysis

Based on the information you give, I’ll do some research on the solution you need to get more customers.

Step 5

Strategy Consultation

I answer all your questions and or we lay down a 3 to 12 months marketing plan for your company to succeed.

Lets Start Today

Unfair Advantages

I had my own company for 3 years. So I know the pain of a founder. In the end, you want more customers. Tell me I m wrong.

Meet Your Digital Consultant - Najm

I am a consultant with a proven track record in doubling customers. I have been working with businesses like yours for the last 12 years and I work diligently to learn how to get more customers.

I even had my own startup for 3 years (Ennovision LLC & LTD), which gives me the advantage of thinking like a founder.

Still Not Sure If This Is Good For You? Let’s Just Talk & Figure Out How To Increase Your Revenue.

Founders Think About ROI More Than Anything Else.

"Our inbound leads since his joining have increased by 8 times! Also, our website traffic has increased by 300%."
Syed Mamnun Quader
Founder, Southtech Group
"Najm made my marketing team. He built us an ecosystem and that ecosystem never stopped generating leads."
- Raisul Kabir
Founder & CEO, Brainstation23
"I call him 'The Complete Package'. From pitching to product development, even in critical business decisions, Najm made both Sheba and me a better workforce."
- Adnan Imtiaz Halim
Founder & CEO, Sheba.Xyz

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